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oh my goddd

The movie Seven Pounds, with Will Smith had me crying.

I never cry during movies.

whyyyyyy???!!! It was so sad. Very touching though. Made me feel lazy.
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All states of being have referential content:

ashamed of
belief in
devotion to
gratitude for
hunger for
longing for
love for
relief from
pity for
struggle for
thirst for
tired of

except pain.
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blahhhhh, my head hurts. i feel like i'm gonna throw up cause i'm so hungry. Steve is making me spaghetti and soft pretzels. I don't want either, but thats all there is. I want chocolate milk, but we have no milk.

I dropped my phone in the snow while we were digging out the truck. It dont work no mo' so i'm using an oldie. i don't have any numbers, now. STORE TO SIM..will i ever learn?

smells like something is burning.